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Positive Lighting Services

Design Services
Design Services

01 We create healthy spaces trough lighting!

From the conception until the making, we work together in the design of spaces, products, services, and strategies that embrace life. We take care of human and environmental health by designing with a regenerative approach.
Lighting design
Lighting design

02 Projects

Private projects, institutional, architectural, and offices

Healthy spaces trough lighting!

In positive lighting we work with daylight and artificial light, using different lighting technologies and materials to achieve the best quality ambiance. We value architecture, nature, rooms, and landscapes. While using surface colors, textures, and order, together we co-create healthy atmospheres focusing on human, animal, and plants well being. Strengthening environmental balance and positive change.

Product Design
Product Design

03 Objects

Private projects and manufacturers.

We work within the context of circular economy, regenerative design, and biophilic design for positive socio-ecological impact.

We co-create products under the cradle to cradle design concept to embrace beneficial change. Together, we select or develop the best quality materials to design luminaries that match the users current needs within an specific space, regarding the several activities in relationship with the lighting and the product itself.


04 Learn

Private persons and companies

Healthy high quality designed spaces at home and at the office!

We offer interactive, do it yourself workshops to co-create healthy spaces according to each personal needs, the available resources, and the changing context.

You will learn how to create a healthy space, to integrate nature in your interior environment, and to select proper materials for it.

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Changing spaces

Positive Lighting Portfolio

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We are grateful for Laura's work, it make us smile every day
Ute L.
Thank you very much for your visit and your tips for my light, I have gladly implemented your expertise.
Gerhard C.
I liked the workshop a lot! Now I'm aware of the importance of healthy lighting. I've made some changes at home and it is working.
Aura S.
I can't leave my room! I'm curious about learning further.
Carolina C.
how much

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