About me

I believe in design for positive change
I focus on creating relationships of trust for transition processes trough communities of practice
Hi! I’m Laura and I’m happy that you would like to get to know me better.  I’m an industrial and a lighting designer based in the beautiful city of Lüneburg, Germany, and also in the charming city of Cali, Colombia. I  worked for the lighting industry in the past years, there I developed projects for retail, museums, artist, and residential spaces.

My passion is ecological and social design and I’m constantly researching about eco-design and design processes. Most importantly, I support the creation of new projects for a more balanced world. Therefore, I co-create under de visions of cradle to cradle, regenerative design, biophilia, and social design.

From the many interests I have, there is one that has helped me the most to understand myself better as well as the world itself, it is vipassana meditation. A wonderful habit of paramount importance for my well being and professional performance.

Right now my mission is to enhance identity and diversity in Colombia trough integrative education, for economical development, cultural and social inclusion, and environmental conservation.

Positive lighting is the place where all these qualities meet and where all the creativity plays to foster positive change in our world.



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