Healthy Lighting
for workspaces at home


we give you advise according to your needs
8 hours
of work
in a group of max. 6 people
renovate your space after your own budget
What you get

What benefits does our workshop have?

  • Personalized accompaniment
  • Access to professional design tips
  • Applicable for specific spaces
  • Using the materials and resources you have at home
  • Increase your concentration, comfort, and health

What will we do in our workshop?

  • Learn how light influences our health
  • Understand how can you inhabit spaces better thanks to light
  • Analyze your workspace
  • Identify opportunities to redesign your workspace
  • Develop a redesign proposal
  • Implement the designed idea
Changing spaces

Transform your space
in 3 steps

Step 1
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Fill in the form, choose your fitting price, and pay via Paypal or transfer
Step 2
Make part of the workshop lesson by learning and sharing your knowledge, experience, and ideas
Step 3
Apply your idea
Hands on your designed space! Move, arrange, create those changes in your workspace and enjoy it!

In recent months we have moved our office to our home and with it our way of working has changed.


Working at home can be healthy if you have a space that favors your mental and physical health.


In this workshop we will create the perfect space for your work routine. Illuminate your workspace is to give you the opportunity to have a healthy workspace through lighting.

In this 8-hour virtual workshop we are going to create together a space dedicated to your individual well-being. During these days you will learn to use light in different ways for your own benefit. Together we will transform your workspace, and at the end of the workshop we will have created a new place specially designed for you.

workshop experience

Memories of
the design process

people's xperience


I liked the workshop a lot! Now I'm aware of the importance of healthy lighting. I've made some changes at home and it is working.
Aura S.
I can't leave my room! I'm curious about learning further.
Carolina C.
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  • February 26 & 27 from 2pm to 6pm
  • March 19 & 20 from 2pm to 6pm

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Healthy workspaces at home

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