We love change
Positive lighting co-creating for a changing world

In positive lighting we create for the good of many, well being, environmental balance, and positive impact is what we care the most. We love to co-create with our costumers and partners. Based in the beautiful city of Lüneburg and working worldwide, we are engaged with people from different countries and we believe that anything we do has to benefit people and our beloved planet.

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Viviana López: I love transforming digital spaces and projecting them according to the vision of each company. I like to create whatever I can with my hands: crafts, tai chi movements, playing instruments, and making homemade bread.

Ana Simar: Half Belgian, half Colombian, Ana counts with a multicultural vision on global concerns such as social inclusion, sustainable development and local entrepreneurship. Ana always ensures a refreshing talk by placing the human being in the middle of the action.

Bárbara Niño: a communication designer & illustrator based in Leipzig, Germany. I focus my work on creating effective communication thanks to the construction of clear messages.

My experience as a designer, has been diverse and broad due to my
curiosity for tackling new challenges. I feel really comfortable working
with teams, especially during the ideation process.

I love pop culture, Children’s Books, gifs , Rupaul’s drag race, and pommes.