While I was doing my math thesis project, one of the main perspectives I used during the research of the design process in lighting design was self-awareness, not only as a methodological instrument but also as a subject of inner reflection.

Many times the academic field is limited by this craving for scientific arguments to anything we point out, which I respectfully see as the basic approach of any project, but it is not the only possible way to explain a projects approach.

We, as designers, as human beings, cannot divide the fact of what we are. We are rational, we are emotional, we are physical, mindful and spiritual; and our communication skills can go further than the 5 senses we are use to recognise.

What I want to enhance from these statements, which are not new to our knowledge, is that everything we do is reflecting what we are; to be more accurate, in design, the projects we are working on and the objects/scenarios we create are nothing else but the visualisation of our personal interests. According to the inherent system of nature, what we do has always an impact in the community, the society, the environment, and the individual itself. Therefore, our vision in the professional field is attached to that perception we have of ourselves.

I am not the first to point that out, and I am also not the last to care about it; but as a designer, citizen and human being is a topic that would be always present in any scenario of my life.

There is an interpretation of Aristotle vision that states “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” referring to its concern of harming social and political systems when there was only an “technical” approach to what we where teaching.


Personally, I consider Viktor Papanek a designer is worth to take as an example for the professional development of the designer itself. He links these social, environmental, and emotional visions as an approachable way of work in his book Design for the real worldas well as in his projects.

Now by taking a step further as a lighting designer, I’m digging into this topic as part of the process of transforming the lighting industry into a sustainable field for all of us.